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See Trail Map

We are excited to announce that riders in southern Ohio are going to have a trip to remember along Ohio's wonderful Little Miami Scenic Trail. All riders will begin in Cedarville and make their way through the beautiful farmland of Madison, Green or Warren counties depending on distance. Riders may go north to London and back or south through Spring Valley, depending on the miles you want to cover. Registration will take place at 8:30 am on the south edge of Cedarville between the park pavillion and bike path just east of where 72 crosses the bike path. All riders should wear helmets and carry water. The day is planned for all age groups and levels of riders. Make plans to be part of this very special day. Participation fee of $25 per person includes T-Shirt or $50 (incl. 2 shirts) per family due with Registration form. Sponsor forms and scholarship donations are due on day of the ride.

Century Riders

All those planning to ride 100 miles will enjoy this adventure. The 100 mile ride begins with registration in Cedarville at 8:30 am or earlier if pre-arranged. Riders will ride north to London and back and then south toward Morgan's Canoe. London, South Charleston, Cedarville, and Xenia will eachhave rest rooms for your convenience. Once in Spring Valley, you will continue on another fifteen miles or so to a place called Morgan's Canoe and Outdoor Center. Once there you will begin your journey back towards Cedarville.

We are asking all of our century riders to be sure that they are in good physical condition prior to the trip, having ridden at least 75 miles two weeks before the beginning of the ride. Also, all riders need to be prepared to fix their own flats and have all basic tools for the task.

Enthusiast Riders

A 60 mile choice - Beginning in Cedarville riders may first go north to London and back [44 miles] and then Cedarville south to the Xenia Bike Hub and back [16 miles]. Or riders may go south to Xenia (8 miles) and on to Spring Valley (15 miles), continuing on toward Morgan's Canoe and Outdoor Center another 7 miles and back to Cedarville. Registration for this trip is 8:30 am in Cedarville.

Fun Ride

A 43/44 mile ride from Cedarville through the Bicycle hub in Xenia, then north tthrough Yellow Springs. Continue north of Yellow Springs for another 1-1/2 mile. Then watch for the sign to Youngs Dairy along the bike path. It wil direct you @ 1/4 mile to Rt. 68 and another 1/4 mile to Youngs Dairy. Enjoy a treat together before returning to Cedarville. Registration for this ride is at 8:30 am.

Family Friendly Riders

A 16 or 22 mile choice. Registration for this ride is in Cedarville at 8:30 am. From Cedarville to South Charleston and back is 22 miles. From Cedarville to the Xenia hub and back would be 16 miles. This can be extended by another scenic 4 miles by continuing west past Xenia to the first stop. Check maps at the Xenia hub.

Making sure that your bicycle is in good working order prior to the trip will help ensure that you have a wonderful day. But carrying a cell phone and giving number at registration will be helpful in case of emergency or other needs along the way.

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