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Calvary Women's Day
Saturday, November 02, 2013
Theme – Matthew 11:28-29 – Rest, relaxation, tranquility -- 465-2190 – “Jesus, I am Resting, Resting – in the ---- of what Thou Art “

For intro – ask ladies to mention methods of Bible reading that they already use – put these on the Board – these will probably cover the gamut that I use and recommend. All are useful and the variety may give ideas to one another.

Bible reading Habit –
Chronic and Acute concerns – take care of Acute needs – but let the chronic go until after you read. It’s not about gaining spiritual points – it’s about growing a relationship -

Bible Study starts with Reading. But where do I start? How do I get a handle on what is happening when? What are some practical Bible reading plans that worked for me? How do I juggle Bible reading with all of the other demands on my life? Quiz books that are organized systematically – by books or such -- got any samples??

Different Plans – straight through, OT, NT, psalm a day, proverb a day, a portion of all 4. Different Versions, Paying attention to repeated phrases or words. Watch for similar themes in different books.
Check out Dr. Hendricks’ plan, lady teacher’s plan – etc.
Forest and the trees – need overview - to know how big the forest is, to know your way around in the BOOK.
Indepth to smaller parts – find out how it relates to the whole, read small sections at a time, read commentary on those sections, MEMORIZE parts. Below – notes from Dr. Hendricks.

A title I would suggest is: “Keeping Bible Reading Fresh”

Description of the session: “We all know we should read our Bible. We all want our Bible reading to be interesting. Beyond that, we think our time in the Scripture ought to be meaningful. And in the end, we believe our Bible reading should be helpful. Is your Bible reading interesting? Meaningful? Helpful? This session will explore ways to keep your time in the Scriptures fresh. Variety is the spice of life – as well as the spice of meaningful Bible reading. Come and get acquainted with some fresh paths that lead to an old friend.”

Feel free to change wording any way you like. Just let me know – so I can keep with your main purpose. Some book suggestions below. I am forgetting a new one by a lady author on how to read.


Suggested books:
Max Anders. 30 Days to Understanding The Bible
Kay Arthur. How-to Study Your Bible, [one for Kids as well as for adults] – the one for kids also on DVD
Gordon Fee and Douglas Stewart. How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth, also How to Read the Bible Book by Book
Howard Hendricks and William Hendricks. Living by the Book,
Nelson. Nelson’s Complete Book of Bible Maps & charts
Unger. The New Unger’s Bible Dictionary
Warren Wiersbe’s Be Series, in separate small books, or OT, NT volumes.
Bible Quiz Books, like Know Your Bible
Bible Reading Journals – blank journals – for journaling during your reading – I use these on a regular basis.
– also Ron Klug and David Jeremiah have books on How to Keep a Spiritual Journal

Authored – now out of print – Characters in Chronology – an overview to help orient one to scripture
And Women’s Bible Study – Weighed by the Word

Hi Pat,
I received your completed questionnaire today. We look forward to your being with us. Our committee looked over the possible topics that you mentioned, and the one that seemed to rise to the top is "Bible Reading Plans."
Broadly speaking, what are you thinking in this area? Our thought is personal Bible study "how-to" plans rather than the group video type. You can either e-mail me or give me a call (937-465-1450) after May 23.
Thanks, Colleen
Other Subjects for Workshops -
Dealing with the men in your life
Names of God
Preparing for Christmas
Working with your grandchildren
Getting involved in your community & church

Ideas for Me to think About
Getting active in your state missionary fellowship
Why Missions is important in your local church
Ladies’ Missionary Fellowships – to be or not to be
To join or not to join

Some way to be supportive of missionary women in the local church
Being a missionary [outreach to local women] vs supporting a missionary (in the church)
Balancing missions – today’s challenge – outreach at home and reaching out to missionaries we support
Missions - Connecting with/ Ministering to Women at Home and Abroad

Bible Reading Plans / Practices – how do I read my Bible?
Care of Aging Parents – listening, medication, doctor visits, home care, division of labor, meals, church attendance

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