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This opportunity needs action as soon as possible, since the hearings are scheduled for February 9 and 10 in Columbus.  

Details for actions are clearly spelled out below in Mr. Vitalie's letter.

FIRST - Check out  The Pastor Protection Bill itself.  Then Note an explanation, a Legal Analysis of the Bill.

SECOND - The letter from Rep. Nino Vitale with instructions about how you can be supportive:

Pastors and church administrators,

I am asking you to stand up for your own right to preach truth.

I have written the bill to do two simple things, protect your ability to only perform religious ceremonies that agree with your religious beliefs, and to protect church property from being used for religious ceremonies that conflict with your church's beliefs or by-laws.

What we need is your support now. On Feb 9th or 10th we need pastors and church administrators to come in and support this bill. This is vital to the success.

A bill goes through three hearings in committee.

1 - Sponsor - the bill sponsor (me) gives testimony to the committee of 10-12 people on the importance of the legislation and takes any questions

2 - Proponent - this is where you come in. If the people who make laws in this state do not hear from you, they will think this legislation is not important and it will lose momentum.

3 - Opponent - this is where people will come in and speak against the bill

It is vital to have your support for #2 or it will show my fellow state legislators that this is not an important issue for the people of Ohio. We know that it is!

My staff and I are willing to help you write a short testimony and show you how the process works. I must say, if we do not stand and fight now, who will. If not you,
who? We are in an epic spiritual battle. I have accepted my duty on the front line, but now I need the regiments to follow suit and help this effort.

The testimony can be one of two things:

1 - written and submitted

2 - written and read - this is the most effective form - where you come to Columbus and speak for 1-4 minutes on why you think this legislation is important.

If you are willing to go into battle and defend religious liberty, we are more than happy to take bullet points, turn it into a paragraph or two or three and then show you how the process works.

You are the expert, not the people sitting in the seats, on why this is important to you.

Please contact my aide or myself if you are going to defend religious liberty with us. Travis Ricketts - travis.ricketts@ohiohouse.gov

For God and Country,

State Rep. Nino Vitale - Ohio's 85th House District

Proudly Representing Champaign, Logan and Shelby Counties



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